Enid Reformed Church
Thursday, October 19, 2017
Living in Covenant
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Reverent Worship:

God knows that our lives can be crazy, that's why He designed His worship simple.  At Enid Reformed Church, that's how we worship Him: according to His simple instructions.  We sing Psalms without instruments; no distractions, just God's people singing the Word He wants to hear. 


Biblical Preaching:              

God knows that our lives can be confusing, that's why He gave us His Word.  At Enid Reformed Church, that's our focus: applying God's Word to our lives.  Every time we read, hear, or sing His Word it is explained clearly and applied directly to our lives; God speaking to His people the Word they need to hear. 


Our Schedule can tell you when and where in Enid, OK we meet. 

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